Local Info More Appealing Than Mobile TV Or Mobile Wallet

You can say that we haven’t been the most enthusiastic supporters of the idea of mobile TV and mobile wallets, as it’s not clear that either really solves a big need or provides anything that’s truly useful to consumers. So, it doesn’t come as a very big surprise to see a new study saying that people are much more interested in local information, such as traffic and weather, than those other features. Of course, there’s nothing saying that these are all mutually exclusive. Eventually, they will all be offered together. But, what is worth noting, is that it’s unlikely that things like mobile video or mobile wallets are going to be a driving force in getting people to upgrade their phones or service. It’s just not what they want their phone to do. It might be a nice add-on, but it’s just not that compelling — which also means people won’t be interested in paying very much more for those features.

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