Plenty Of People Still Buying From Spam… Plenty Scammed By Spam Too

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Every few months we see a study about people who buy from spam, so it’s no surprise to see yet another such study. This one, though, also shows that plenty of people buying from spam also got scammed by spammers. 11% of people say they’ve bought from spam, while 9% said they were scammed by spam. It certainly sounds like your chances aren’t very good if you’re buying from spam. At the same time, 39% admit to clicking on spammed URLs, most of whom now admit that they get more spam because of it (though, it’s not clear how they know that the increase in spam is from clicking on the link, or just the growth of spam in general).

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Comments on “Plenty Of People Still Buying From Spam… Plenty Scammed By Spam Too”

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dorpus says:

Re: Re: Space Spam

What, are you saying the shuttle isn’t going to go down over North Korea, Kim Jong Il isn’t going to see the collection of hentai anime porn on board, Americans aren’t going to be able to sit in front of their TV’s with family-sized tubs of popcorn, while internet-controlled stealth bombers don’t drop illegal copies of really bad Hollywood movies that makes North Koreans die of boredom? Surely, this demands answers.

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