Spammers Continue To Be The Biggest (By Far) Supporters Of Email Authentication

from the making-them-look-legit dept

A year ago, we noted that spammers seemed to be adoption email authentication faster than non-spammers. This was still true back in February, so it should come as no surprise to see the same situation. The latest study, in fact, shows that the vast majority of email that uses some form of sender authentication is spam. 84% of emails using SPF were spam. 83% of emails using Sender ID were spam. And yet, Microsoft is still getting ready to dump any non-Sender ID email into a spam filter. Great, all your legitimate messages will be in your spam filter, and your inbox will be filled with spam. Of course, while some point out that the spammers using the various authentication methods are making themselves easy to track down, that doesn’t appear to be the case. They’ve figured out ways to trick the system or they’re just using any of the millions of zombied machines out there.

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