.mobi Gets .Approved

from the there-goes-another-$15-a-year dept

ICANN has approved the .mobi top-level domain for sites created specifically for mobile devices. The same question raised when it was given preliminary approval still remain: what’s the point (other than to line registrars’ pockets)? However, the question’s intensified given the mobile industry’s desire to remind customers they can access the “real” Internet from their mobile devices. So if users can access this “real” Web, why do mobile-specific sites need to be shuttled off to their own TLD? Mobile browsers are becoming much more adept at translating Web sites to mobile devices, and Web content is evolving as well, with the growth of standards like XHTML. Surely a better solution is to make more of the Web accessible to everyone, regardless of access device, rather than to build a TLD wall around mobile content.

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