Would A Company Ever Accept Charges It Was A Monopolist?

from the how-hard-is-this? dept

Last week we noted some oddities in headline writing concerning certain wireless deals, and everywhere we look there seem to be more examples. The latest concerns the latest lawsuit between Broadcom and Qualcomm, two companies that have been fighting each other for quite some time. Nothing too surprising there. However, the headlines from Reuters today scream that: “Qualcomm rejects Broadcom claims,” as if any company accused of anti-trust violations by a competitor would ever “accept” the charges and say: “Yup, that’s us. We’re guilty as charged.” Obviously, the company is going to say they’re not guilty of the charges — but the wording of the headline (rather than saying something along the lines of “Qualcomm rebuts claims” or “Qualcomm defends practices” or something that makes sense) suggests that Qualcomm might actually have considered “accepting” the charges in some way.

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