German Recording Industry Asks ISPs To Poison DNS To Block File Sharing

from the this-seems-problematic dept

The latest pointless attempt by the recording industry to stop file sharing is to have the German rights organization for composers, lyricist and publishers, GEMA demand that a bunch of ISPs poison their DNS servers to try to block out the domains of certain file sharers. Beyond putting the file sharing burden on providers who shouldn’t be involved in the mess in the first place, it also serves to break DNS, which sets a bad precedent and could cause plenty of problems for legitimate sites online. Of course, even if the ISPs do decide to do this, it won’t be long before workarounds are built in — and once again, file sharing will continue, just a bit more underground.

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Comments on “German Recording Industry Asks ISPs To Poison DNS To Block File Sharing”

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Matt says:

Should've stayed that way to begin with.

Whoever it was who got the big idea to open up file sharing to the masses is an ass, seriously. You cannot tell me that you didn’t see this comming ten years ago while you were sitting on IRC and yet annother newbie came on talking about making it easier to share files. It was allready easy! Only people who should’ve known about it did know about it, and no government, law-enforcement, press, or other assortment of maniacs were involved in the process.

Seince Napster is the biggest one I can think of, I’m going to pigeonhole them as the cause of this. Good job guys, you see what kind of shit you start when you try let everyone get involved in a good thing?

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