Go Resurrected To Try To Score Some Microsoft Settlement Money

from the ancient-history dept

Interesting timing on this one. Go Computing disappeared long ago, after being an early 90s flameout, trying to focus on pen computing long before Jeff Hakwins figured out the right combination over at Palm. However, with Microsoft handing out money left and right to companies that sue them over anti-trust violations, it looks like some former Go folks sensed an opportunity. Go’s founder, Jerry Kaplan, went out and bought back the “rights” to the long dead company and has sued Microsoft for anti-trust violations in killing the company over a decade ago. Are there no statute of limitations on these types of cases?

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Comments on “Go Resurrected To Try To Score Some Microsoft Settlement Money”

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1 Comment
nonuser says:

Microsoft did try to crush them but...

…they would’ve been crushed anyway as a result of bad timing – they were five years too early – and management mistakes, as Kaplan himself makes clear in his book “Startup”.

The book is a great read and still on sale at Amazon, last I checked. Microsoft’s Gates and Jeff Raikes, and Apple’s John Sculley (along with faceless posses of IBM and AT&T executives) all are portrayed as people you hope you won’t be partnering in a business venture with. Kaplan doesn’t come off that well himself. It’s almost like a Dickens novel.

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