Flarion Gets Zagreb, Croatia

Flarion continues its recent string of announcements with an announced network in Zagreb, Croatia to be operated by Arbital Communications and Retel. Both Flarion with their proprietary Flash-OFDM solution, and IPWireless and their standard UMTS TDD solution have been making a string of announcements lately, as they become the de facto leading horses in the mobile BWA race. Anyone wonder what happened to Arraycomm?

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Comments on “Flarion Gets Zagreb, Croatia”

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alaric says:

Why Wait for WiMAX

Flarion solved the difficult problem of creating an all IP, low latency, fully mobile system. It is a difficult problem and one which will take wimax supporters years to resolve. It is also possible that wimax will never provide strong mobile performance.

Flarion will continue to win contracts for this reason.

TMcgee says:

No clue


Maybe you should do a little research before jumping to poor conclusions. Flarion was shut down at Nextel because of the Sprint-Nextel Merger. Why? Because Sprint already had close to 3 billion dollars in contracts for CDMA and the combined company cannot afford 2 different networks – They cannot afford to build out an OFDM AND EVDO network. If you read comments FROM NEXTEL about the trial, over 90% of the users gave a thumbs up on the service. This was a FINANCIAL decision. Not a technical one.

In addition…Why would an equipment maker whose business model is based on equipment sales and royalties get into the Carrier business???? And who exactlky is going to fund this. OH Yeah…lets just make a new company…anyone got a couple hundred million dollars they want to loan Flarion to start a carrier from scratch? Get a clue.

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