Congress Proposes To Look Tough (Rather Than Be Tough) On Data Leaks

from the yeah,-that-will-help-who? dept

Some Senators have released their bill that is aimed at responding to all of these data leaks we keep hearing about. Note that it’s about “responding to,” not stopping or preventing — because the bill seems unlikely to do that. Instead, it will probably make the Senators look good when claiming they helped deal with a problem that won’t actually be dealt with. This, again, looks like a “do something” response, rather than actually dealing with the problem. Unfortunately, many people will confuse doing something with actually doing something useful. As noted in the article there are some clear problems with the bill, including a very broad definition of who would be included, likely creating a ton of unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy. Looking over the list of what this bill would do, it’s not clear that any of the recent data leaks would actually have been stopped based on them.

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