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Amazon Sued For Copyright Infringement… Despite Not Being The Offending Party

from the sue-the-company-that-has-the-money dept

Back in November we wrote about a case where Google was being sued by a porn site for displaying images in its image search. The details, though, showed that the issue wasn’t Google’s at all. Basically some people had taken “premium” content from the porn site and posted it on their own websites. Google simply spidered those other sites. The porn site in question should be going after the real offenders who copied the content — but apparently it’s too difficult to go after the real offenders, especially when the easy target has billions of dollars. Well, now there’s a nearly identical suit filed against Amazon.com for its A9.com subsidiary. The porn site in question is, indeed, the same one. It looks like yet another situation of Steve Dallas-style lawyering: don’t sue anyone who’s actually responsible. Sue whoever has the money.

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