So Is He Google Jon Now?

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Well that didn’t take long at all. We were a bit surprised yesterday to find out that Google’s new media player only played files on Google’s own video site, as that seemed like a needless restriction. In fact, it made it so needless that there seemed to be little reason at all to bother downloading it. It just makes Google Video that much more of a pain to use. However, along comes “DVD Jon” Johansen, who clearly does not like being limited. He’s already hacked Google’s version of VLC to let it be used outside of Google. Kind of makes you wonder why Google put up the restriction in the first place.

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Comments on “So Is He Google Jon Now?”

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thatguy says:

not really "hacked"

VLC’s code was simply changed a little bit and it can actually be found at To say he hacked the code it a little excessive considering all he did was delete the additions google made to VLC’s source code. This was just an overhyped article written to make google look bad because they just got owned by some dude. This was probably the easiest “hack” DVD Jon has ever done…

Not really that exciting.

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