AMD Takes Intel Back To Court Over Monopoly Charges

from the anti-trust-violations dept

If you hadn’t noticed it over, say, the past two decades or so, AMD is not a big fan of Intel, the company that has managed to dominate the processor business in a way that often has made AMD look like the Washington Generals to Intel’s Harlem Globetrotters. Over the years, the two companies have met in court numerous times, and apparently enjoyed it enough to do it again. AMD is suing Intel once again for antitrust violations, though, it seems like it may be a very difficult case for them to prove. The issue is that Intel has often been able to convince computer makers to do exclusivity deals, often involving marketing money from Intel. The problem for AMD is that, in most cases, such deals aren’t actually illegal. It’s only if Intel is leveraging their monopoly position to get these deals that it seems like they’d have a real case. Instead, it just looks like a case of pretty hefty competition. It seems like AMD would be better suited continuing to build up the reputation of its new chips, which have been winning plenty of praise lately. If end users are demanding AMD chips, then the computer makers will figure out that they need to offer AMD machines.

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