Method For Deleting Drunk SMS Messages… Now Patented

from the prior-art? dept

It appears that there’s a real industry in finding technological solutions to the issue of “drunk dialing” or it’s more modern cousin “drunk texting.” Last year, there was the special blacklist system so that you could make sure there were certain “special someones” who you would be unable to call during a time when you were most likely to be a bit more sloshed than, say, rational, concerning what you would say to those people. So, it’s not too surprising to find out that a company like Samsung has come up with a solution to let people try to recall already sent SMS text messages, but it’s unclear why they were granted a patent on the idea. Isn’t this exactly what plenty of email systems already do? Doesn’t that seem like prior art? Is there any reason why it’s somehow unique or different just because it’s using SMS instead of email?

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