Kids Prefer Playing Sports Video Games To Watching The Real Thing

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Sports and video games have been closely aligned since the dawn of video gaming. When Pong was first created, it really only resembled a distant, rudimetary cousin of its real world counterpart, ping pong. Today, video games are so realistic that athletes are using them to mentally prepare themselves a night before the game. So it’s not suprising that for today’s kids, “real life” sporting events are losing their appeal to their video game counterparts. Rather than shouting futily at the television to make a great shot, why not take destiny into your own hands and sink that game winner yourself?

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Comments on “Kids Prefer Playing Sports Video Games To Watching The Real Thing”

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dorpus says:

Japanese Kids Prefer Suicide to Video Games

A survey of grade-school and middle-school kids in the Kobe area found that 20% of them thought that “they will not die”, “they will come back to life”, or that “dead people come back to life”. The responses were more strongly correlated kids who spent 3 or more hours on the PC every day, suggesting that those who play too many video games had a decreased sense of reality.

However, in a small bit of good news, only 60% of kids thought that suicide is a “great idea”, compared to 80% last year. Only 10% of kids liked themselves, however.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

This is so interesting. I grew up in the Atari 2600 era, where any “sport” video game was truly an awful representation of the sport. Recall: Atari Basketball.

I maintain a bias that is the exact opposite to this date: I’d much rather go in the backyard and throw a football with a buddy, or play some real hoops than play it on a console.

Sadly, this all comes full circle: these days, my execution of these outdoor endeavors is so bad that it might actually resemble Atari 2600 levels… nevertheless, I am only too glad to get up off the couch…

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