Were All The Good Science Fiction Ideas Already Taken?

from the benign-inspiration dept

Science fiction often inspires, if not predicts, real scientific developments. But animated fiction? Yes, two professors are now working on a “teleporting” mechanism inspired by claymation such as Wallace and Gromit, the popular animated duo of movie fame. Sounds kind of dubious, but when you read the details it sounds fairly straightforward. The goal is to digitize an object, send it over a network, and reproduce it with synthetic particles on the other end. So you could have a live representation of, say, someone during a videoconference. It actually sounds less like teleporting and more like Star Wars (live holographic images of people beamed across space) meets rapid prototyping (replicating an image with synthetic particles). Still, it could be pretty interesting, even if it’s a ways off. Maybe in the meantime they can develop one of those pairs of pants that lets you walk on the ceiling.

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Comments on “Were All The Good Science Fiction Ideas Already Taken?”

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dorpus says:

Metal bikinis, dragons, and laser pistols

Is it possible that sci fi will seem as outdated and boring as Cowboys & Indians are to young people today? The newer genre of “cyber-fiction” also seems so 1990s. When will we there be novels about lame men who live in their fantasy worlds of 20-sided dice and plastic figures of naked women?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Metal bikinis, dragons, and laser pistols

Probably about the same time we get novels about lame people with no filter between their brain and their mouth who live online, making bizarre posts with no explanation (What was that whole deal about reading peoples’ credit cards, man?)
And some sci-fi is just that outdated. Since you’re such an old fart, I would think you’d have seen some of those movies they made in the fifties…

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