People Don't Like Going To The Movies Any More

from the where-does-the-blame-lie? dept

The movie industry has been on this crusade lately, with MPAA head going on and on saying that the reason people aren’t going to the movies is because they’re at home downloading movies. However, most people recognize that’s unlikely to be the leading cause of problems for the industry. Instead, it’s that movies are now competing with a lot of other entertainment options and the experience of going out to the movies isn’t very much fun any more. The theaters all seem crowded. You have to sit through what seems like half an hour of commercials. The prices just keep getting higher. And, of course, you have to deal with rude and annoying people in the theater who seem to have no problem annoying everyone else. So, is it really any surprise at all that a whopping 73% of people surveyed say they prefer watching movies at home? Is it any wonder that so many in the industry are scared to death of DVDs being released at the same time as the movie itself? The theater industry (not the movie industry as a whole) is facing something of a crisis — but it has nothing to do with people downloading, and everything to do with theater owners inability to recognize that going to the movies is a social experience, and working on ways to make that social experience a lot more enjoyable. Theater owners in China realized this, and saw their box office take shoot up to record levels. Theaters in the UK are starting to recognize this and are adding extra incentives to go out to the theater. If the movie industry would stop rushing to blame downloading and look at the advantages they offer while minimizing a lot of the things that annoy people, perhaps they wouldn’t be having so many problems these days. Of course, rather than do that, they’re trying to become even more hated while begging Congress to come up with ways to protect their business model.

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Comments on “People Don't Like Going To The Movies Any More”

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a movie lover says:

Re: The movie theater sales might be buzzing back

Has anyone stop to think that besides people not enjoying going to the movies especially in big city’s like Philadelphia they have bootleg copies of almost every new theatrical releases on almost every corner before they even hit the screens…for 5-9$. I think that is where the movie companies need to start to regain the sales and fill the theaters again with that of popular movie goers. Addressing that problem will regain their sales. I was just reading about a company who has now developed a way to stop bootleg movie dvd recording production. I can’t wait to hear how this technology is going to work. The company that developed it is unlocked entertainment technologies. Some insiders in arts area say that universal has just offered them a big deal of money for the technology. Does anyone have any more info about that topic.

Ryan Green (user link) says:

Just went to a place that should be a model for ev

I’m currently on vacation in indonesia right now, and last night I went to this wicked cool movie theater. The only way I can compare it to regular theaters is that its what first class airplane flying compares to coach. Massive leather, reclining seats, blankets, a waiter to come bring you food that you order before you goto the film, and not many people. Even had a real bar and lounge to wait in before the movie starts. When you bought a ticket, you actually sat down infront of someone at a desk and bought your ticket and chose your seats so that you would be sure to sit with your friends, instead of standing in line. I think that this is an idea that could work well in the States.

Things like the ipod have shown that people will be willing to pay for the quality if the experience is right. Charge like $25 a ticket to ensure that you keep the riff-raff out, and to compensate for the lower number of seats. Don’t tack on too much of a premium for things like candy or popcorn. I talked to the manager briefly after the show, and like 95% of the time, their shows are completely sold out, even on weekday afternoons, and they don’t even have to lower the cost for the matinee showings. Again, we see that if the people who run these kinds of businesses want to keep their customers happy then they need to stop worrying about every little penny and start looking at the big picture. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to buy out the struggling movie theater in my town…

Ivan Sick says:

No Subject Given

Another factor is that most Hollywood movies today SUCK. I still go to a little theater to watch old horror movies, John Waters stuff, and double features (something that should definitely be brought back. So should serials and cartoons and other things that aren’t commercials before the show. I’m a 25 year old white male, every company’s wet-dream demographic, so don’t tell me cartoons and stuff aren’t viable. Except that today’s cartoons suck even more than today’s movies.)

Leslie says:

It's not downloading... it's the theater

I have to agree, I have seen all of 3 movies in a theater in the past 3 years. ALL EPICS I knew would be awsome. Why? Because I don’t enjoy going to the theater! Why should I go deal with brats, cell phones, rude people and sharing my experience with strangers when I can PPV a nice film at HOME on MY screen in MY living room with MY snacks and the ability to pause when I have to use the restroom or get more wine, or discuss some aspect of the film, or cut if off completely if it stinks!

American theater managers need to climb out of their ivory towers and look around. Enhance the experience. Make it for adults, we want quiet and peace. Not a disney ride.

As for DVDs coming out same time as the Film – PLEASE! You’re not going to lose revenue because consumers like me don’t go to the theater anyway! I’ll pay the $14 to check it out on DVD if I can’t wait for PPV.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: It's not downloading... it's the theater

um… its not the theater managers fault. most theaters and corporations and managers get paid nothing and have no control over what movies are made, obviously, and what movies their theater gets booked. trust us, we don’t want to baby sit loud rude unbehaved kids that just get dropped off.


The Competition

Let me see …

At home:
62″ widescreen / front row center
5.1 sound tuned to the environment
comfortable chair/couch/beanbag/etc
Cheap & GOOD food / drinks (hey alcohol!)
Friends & family in the crowd
a biggy ..the PAUSE button.

So other than seeing the movie the day/week/month it comes out … I want to go to the theater .. why ?

The Theater business has a LOT to figure out. On the positive side, all the land the own is worth money even if the business isn’t.

Jack9 says:

Um no...try all the time

Me, my friends, and no less than 25% of the people at my work go to at LEAST 2 movies a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. There’s 1 drive-in about 45 min away, which I often see double features at for cheap (5$!) and afford an opportunity to get physical with any girl who accepts (if they say ‘yes’ to a drive-in and you have an SUV, you’re gonna have a hot date). I don’t know anything about this “nobody goes to movies anymore”.

Jack's neighbor says:

Re: Um no...try all the time

I stopped going to the movie theatre in 2003. I could no longer tolerate the cell phones, noisy candy eaters with their wrappers sounding like a crackling fireplace. People standing up to leave and come back again. Constant distractions. Viewing movies at home is the best! The hell with going out for a movie. Besides, I have brought women over to my home and “made out” in the privacy of my own home. Anything that can be done in movie theatre can be done at home with 100 times more comfort and security. The movie theatre experience is a thing of the past. Never will I put myself through such rubbish.

William C Bonner (profile) says:

The Supersized American

I’m 6’2″ tall, and most theater seats aren’t extremely comfortable for 2 hours worth of sitting. If I can sprawl my arm over an empty seat on one side of me, that helps, but that requires that the theater be fairly empty.

I still like going to the theater, because the social experience isn’t matched by watching a film on my 55″ TV with 6.1 stereo.

The ultimate theater experience for me was 10 years ago watching Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in my university theater. I finally “got” why that movie was so great. When you get an entire theater singing along to the oompa loompas you just want to experience it more.

Jeff says:

I prefer a great theater over home theater

We have a renovated art deco theater where I live which serves dinner before the movie. Comfortable chairs, huge screen, and great sound. I saw all the LOTR’s there.

I used to enjoy going to the cineplex’s. I really like the balcony seating. But I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie that didn’t have, a) a baby crying, b) people talking back to the movie, or c) people talking on their cell phones.

If the theaters don’t do anything about this, good riddance, I’d rather watch it at home.

thecaptain says:

social experience

I don’t QUITE understand this whole focus on “social experience”

I mean lets be honest…

– do you talk to each other during the movie?
– do you meet and mingle with strangers?
– do you interact with the rest of the audience during the movie?

So how is a movie social?

I can understand about meeting a group of friends…but as a poster stated above…there’s nothing wrong with 5-6 friends gathering at one’s home if you have a good setup (and most people are getting there) and you get to miss out on the NEGATIVE social experience:

– people talking loud during the movie
– people interacting with YOU for the express purpose of pissing you off during the movie (and finding it funny…this would include thrown food, laser pointers and the like)
– people interacting with people not even in the theater (there’s always some asshat who needs to make a phone call or switch ring tones during the show).

Add to this the outrageous prices for admission and movie food. What’s the point???

eeyore says:

Re: social experience

Here’s the problem with watching a movie at somebody’s house: somebody always has to get up and do something and you have to hold the movie until they get back or rewind it. There’s too many distractions at home: kids, phone, doorbell, etc… At the theater it’s you and the movie and your popcorn. And the theater is dark so all the other distractions are blocked out.

And moviegoing is a social experience. No you don’t talk during the movie (if you have manners, that is) but you go together so you have someone to share the experience with. I’m 42 and I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve gone to a movie alone, and nearly all of those were when I was in the military. One time in the last fifteen years I’ve gone to a movie alone and it was while my wife was out of town and it was a movie she didn’t want to see.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: social experience

Umm.. no.. I dont think so. That’s (“Here’s the problem with watching a movie at somebody’s house: somebody always has to get up and do something and you have to hold the movie until they get back or rewind it. There’s too many distractions at home: kids, phone, doorbell, etc… “) At your house! You’re a fucking idiot!

You Idiot says:

Re: Re: social experience

“Here’s the problem with watching a movie at somebody’s house: somebody always has to get up and do something and you have to hold the movie until they get back or rewind it. There’s too many distractions at home: kids, phone, doorbell, etc… ” MOre the problem at your house. No control whatsoever. Maybe you should look at the people you invite over to you house, dipshit!

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I used to go to the movies once per week. When the theatre got rid of the bulk candy(the cheapest snack they had), reduced the portions on the remaining snacks, *AND* (this is the most important part) started showing commercials before the movie. That last bit drove me right out of the whole movie experience.

Why should I spend a premium to watch commercials? Shouldn’t that drive the ticket price down instead of increasing it? It just proved to me how greedy the whole industry really is.

Steve Proper says:

spoiled hollywood

This story is 100% right. I absolutely agree with these sentiments.

Desperate theaters houses might think about the Rocky Horror picture show and Broadway to see where business might be recovered.

Hollywood should back off broadband and copying issue. They are only going to make matters worse by drawing attention to it. There message to consumers should not be preaching morality (not something we want to hear from Hollywood). Instead they need to concentrate on making people feel ‘cheap’.

Who is really proud to admit they are watching a reproduction? Who really feels that something you made (copied) yourself is as good as something you went out and bought from a mass merchant?

As with everything, price point is the real issue at hand. Theaters are pricing ?first-run? Hollywood out of the market for a tight budgeted working class.

I do not expect broadband to pose that great of a threat for another ten years. The quality of highly compressed content is not that great and still holds no comparison to renting a DVD.

Who would think so many could be so wealthy from story telling. They are very privileged indeed.

hoops says:

Re: spoiled hollywood

Who is really proud to admit they are watching a reproduction? Who really feels that something you made (copied) yourself is as good as something you went out and bought from a mass merchant?

Me, that’s who. I have what the Jews call a Yiddisher kop. I take no satisfaction in giving away money. On the contrary, I revel in my frugality.

Also, you were way off on your 10 year estimate for downloads to catch up to DVD quality.

hoops says:

Re: spoiled hollywood

Who is really proud to admit they are watching a reproduction? Who really feels that something you made (copied) yourself is as good as something you went out and bought from a mass merchant?

Me, that’s who. I have what the Jews call a Yiddisher kop. I take no satisfaction in giving away money. On the contrary, I revel in my frugality.

Also, you were way off on your 10 year estimate for downloads to catch up to DVD quality.

Tom (user link) says:

rude moviegoers

I could not agree more!!! I used to love going to the movies, but now I dread it! The insane prices and 20 minutes of commercials are bad enough, but the worst is the downright thoughtless, rude idiots in the audience. After my experience last night I don’t think I’ll ever go to the theater again. My wife and I went to see Dark Water last night. Of course, there was a family of imbeciles with three young children sitting behind us. Being a father of a young boy myself, I couldn’t believe that these parents brought their kids to see this psychological horror movie. I knew I was in for a bad experience. Well, I was not disappointed! As soon as the movie started, the kids were up and running around the theater clapping, crying, kicking seats, etc. The parents were yelling at them to “shut up or else!” Unfortunately, these were not the kind of people who would take lightly to being hushed, so my wife and I were forced to sit there and take the abuse. In addition to this family, there was a woman sitting directly behind me who kept answering her phone! Well, I figured I could handle her, so the second time she answered the phone I stood up and escorted her out of the theater as politely as I could. When she was finished with her conversation, she came back in and yelled at me telling me to “never put my hands on her again!” I couldn’t believe what a nightmare this was turning out to be! Added to this, the entire back row was occupied by a group of teens who became incensed by a scene in which a couple of skate punks were wrongfully accused of something, and stormed out half way through the movie yelling obscenities at the screen. The whole thing was surreal! Needless to say, after the movie my wife and I complained to the management and were rewarded with two free movie passes–kind of ironic I think! After that experience, I don’t think I’ll ever use them.

Alexandra says:

Re: rude moviegoers

I think we must have been in the same place! I went to see that and attended the 11pm show just to avoid the crowd and the children.

If it had been 6pm for “Chicken Little” hey, no problem. But a rated “R” movie starting at 11pm on a school night seemed safe. The blob behind me had her 4 kids, oldest maybe 9. They kicked the back of the seat, threw popcorn and never shut up. Finally one of the kids told the other “shut up, dummy. I can’t hear”. Unfortunately my mouth was moving faster than my brain and I heard myself agree with him. It then added “could you also please quit kicking my seat?” The blob-mother came completely unglued. She started yelling at me that I needed to have tolerance and that I should “go have some kids” (I have 2, both grown and they never got away with behaviour like that). I told her she seemed to be doing fine for both of us in the breeding department, she needed to teach them respect for other people and that it wouldn’t hurt if she learned some herself. She kept screeching until the manager eventually came and escorted her and the brats out. I was given a free pass to a movie that I will use tonight….to see Harry Potter with a friend (It’s her birthday). I haven’t seen a movie at the theatre since Dark Water.
When hubby put in the state of the art home theatre system last summer I balked at the expense. He included a real movie popcorn maker for me (I’m easy to please) but I still didn’t like the price. Now I use it more than he does. No sticky floor, we can watch cuddled up together instead of being herded in like cattle, the pets can join us and we don’t have to worry about rude people.
It’s heaven!
The movie industry is in trouble because of their own greed. Like every other industry, customer service is at the bottom of their list.

For future reference, you were lucky not to be arrested for assault. Never put your hands on someone.

trent says:


The movie I attended last weekend at Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville Texas had no fewer than 35 minutes of commercials and previews. There were fucking babies, as in can’t talk yet, can’t walk yet, babies in a rated R movie. My wife and I had to move seats twice to escape yacking idiot adults who apparently have no respect. MPAA and the industry in general… pull your heads out of your asses. Your lack of profits has nothing to do piracy.

Hollywood Snubber says:

Why I don't go to moveis anymore.

Its pretty simple for me. I don’t download movies I just rent them occasionally. My main reason is for all the crap politics I have to endure from these idiots. My list of banned egocentrics include: Big mouth Streisand (or her husband), Tom Windbag Cruise, Georgie Clooney, Warren BEATME, Susan Sarandon and her husband. This isn’t the complete list and obviously my non liberal slant may be obvious. Its my way of telling Hollywood to STFU…I’m not spending one dollar at overpriced movie theaters.

USAF73 says:

Movies...waste of time and money

Why go to the movies these days…lets look at what we get..
I can get into the movies for less than $11..not too bad. Then i hit the concession stand…one, drink, nachos and maybe some candy later and it goodbye another $20. Then its time to find a seat, small seats, extrememly cold theatres and the incessant rantings of teenage girls on their cell phones all through the movie.
Hollywood is saying attendance is down due to pirating movies off the WWW. What a crock, people arnt going to the movies as its become too damn expensive, annoying and pain! I would (and do) much rather wait for the DVD, go home to my nice warm home, lay out on my couch, turn on my home theater and watch the movie on my 65″HDTV….or i can take my family spend $100, get crummy service, stale nachos, flat soda and candy thats priced like platinum!…take your pick..wake up Hollywood and take control of the movie theatres…and ,maybe we’ll come back

some foo says:

theatres suck

I don’t go to theatres for all of the above reasons (too expensive, shitty films), and more so because I am very intolerant of bad behaviour. The talking and throwing things, and kicking my seat, resting smell shoes on my chair, etc turn me into a violent nutcase. Last time I was there a little girl kept getting up and walking around and talking right in front of my wife and I…. the parents wouldn’t do anything about it so I kicked the girl and told her to sit down and shut the hell up. Of course then the father pulled his macho man crap. In this country, common decency is a thing of the past. Everyone thinks they can do whatever they want and the world revolves around them. It seems like everyday I am fighting or almost fighting with inconsiderate morons. Freedom sucks when there is no personal responsibility and then push it the other way with everyone wanting to be “extreme d00d”

KERRY says:



Joycelyn says:

Cinema in Singapore

It is slightly better for cinema in Singapore. Beside the long commercial, at times, we also have problem with people whose mobile phone ring in the middle of the movie. The seat are slightly more spacious now and there are even selected couple seat (where the hand rest can be lifted up). And I really dislike those ear torturing theatre system testing or commercial. As if we don’t know that they have better system than our home.

Nick Zegarac (user link) says:

Why Don't People Go To The Movies Anymore

Much as the MPAA would like to blame legal or illegal downloading as the primary culprit for lack of theater attendance, perhaps a more prudent analysis would serve both the MPAA and the studios themselves of the recent crop of compost they are attempting to feed the public. The films being made are NOT artistic. They are an assault on the senses and sensibilities of anyone who has not been educated with an airhose and an inner tube.

Make something that doesn’t resemble a cheap Hallmark movie of the week or HBO special – something with real actors (not teens and twenty-somethings with firm bodies but precious little else to offer in the way of solid acting); something that is not merely a glorified television or comic book serial translated into an expensive overblown and weak premise, effects laden garbage; something morally uplifting instead of gutless and postmodernist-plagued depressing; something that has a subplot (today’s movies are almost universally a one premise deal with few to nil secondary characters one can root for); something that IS NOT A REMAKE (simply because its cheaper to revisit your archive rather than invest in a writer to actually pen something fresh and refreshing with a twist); something that IS NOT simply a reconstitution of reality (thanks, but if I want reality I can look out my window for free); something that has a little style to it (aside: fast paced editing that makes me want to toss my cookies IS NOT style – merely a masking of the fact that as a cinematographer, director or editor – you have NONE); something that is not based solely on your market research (because, let’s face it…your stats have not been helpful to you of late), and finally; something that you charge a fair price for (you know, where the average man can actually afford to take his wife, son and daughter and his best friend out for the night and not have to work six hours at a minimum wage job simply to pay for the price of general admission (to say nothing of popcorn, drinks et al)…do all this, and perhaps many of us who are currently staying away in droves would return. But I have to tell you – as a once eager audience member who now stays home – I’m not going to shell out my hard earned cash for a boring, depressing overblown and predigested bit of nonsense about “Friends with Money.”

I have friends with money who would lend me some if they thought I’d go back to the movies. But honestly, I wouldn’t waste their cash any more than I would my own. I think every director, cinematographer, writer and actor today should be forced to attend a six week 30s and 40s film festival to relearn their craft. Those flicks are as popular as ever – some more so. Why?

Because they have style. They have class.

They have stars…not just a bunch of common (lower than common, perhaps) and thoroughly misguided celebrities who think themselves the greatest thing since sliced bread, but are actually just lucky schmucks with over inflated bank account and not enough brain power between the lot of them to recognize that scientology is a cult written by a hack sci-fi writer who couldn’t find religion if his life depended on it! In a nutshell then, that’s why I don’t go to the movies. They’re crap!

Ginelle says:

When are theaters going to do something?

Here are some experiences I have had in a theater. My husband & I went to see Hostle – a pretty violent movie which shows nudity and far worse, torture of another human being. Now, I am not into censorship of movies – my point with this, is that people brought their 4 & 5 year olds into this. They are old enough to understand to be frightened by this and I personally wouldn’t want my impressionable child seeing this – beyond that from a purely selfish point, I cannot stand dealing with other people’s children when I’ve paid to see a movie and relax! Second extreme example, went to see the Matrix movie in Winter Park Florida where a person brought their young child into the movie, the child proceeded to cry throughout the movie and someone in front of us would try to shush the parents (hoping they would get the hint to get the hell out of the theater maybe!) and the father got up in the middle of the movie and proceeded to lecture everyone in that area that no one should shush them! This is the appalling truth of movie theaters that needs to be realized by the owners – since of course the ignorant people can’t seem to understand that in their small little peabrains that we’ve all paid to see the movie too. Unless theater owners can take control of their business and ensure that their patrons are satisfied with their experience, they will continue to lose money and eventually (I hope) close up. There are other tactics that can be used to ensure this – there is a huge mark-up on the food that has to be all profit for them, I am sure they make plenty on the amount paid at the door for each individual person who comes in – get someone other than teenagers who are incapable of handling difficult situations to monitor the theaters. Ensure that anyone who has a young child (below the age of 5) does not bring them to a movie – even if they are accompanied by an adult – that is above a G rating (where everyone expects to be interrupted by children). And watch that teenagers aren’t able to make the theater their social gathering so that everyone is subjected to teenage drama of girl runs out of movie, boy runs after her, they argue in the hallway, then one comes back and has to call the other on their cell phone during the movie. Thank you but I only signed up for the drama by the paid actors!

JK - MArlborough, MA says:

I don't go to the movies anymore...

because of teenagers and their cell phones. It’s like a firefly convention in the theater! They must be checking to see if their broker is calling though… or maybe it’s the President. What a joke! “Ooo! Suzie is calling me – maybe Johnny likes me! I need to take the call! It’s MAJORLY important!”

Joe Gutierrez says:

it's call knowing were your going

I love to sit back and enjoy a movie at home once in a while when i don’t fell like being around to many people. The feeling of going to see the movie on it’s release date is good, i go out to eat before the movies and buy my ticket before, i don’t believe in paying 4$ for a drink and 5$ for pop corn which you don’t even finish half of it anyways. Well I prefer to go to the unpopulor theatre were theirs not much people and not alot of kids talking during the movie. The movies are great to go to with your partner. i live in Arkansas and personaly i don’t like when i see a bunch of getto people going into the movie i’m about to see.

Jessica M says:


Well, i think it is a little bit of a hastle to go to the movies now. But i’m a teenager so my friends are always going. Even though we do other things, i find it’s still at the top of the list of things we do…Overall i think it is still a fun experience, that I will still pay money to enjoy. And no it isn’t the same as sitting at home watching a movie on your small tv in your bedroom. There are disadvantages to both going out and staying in. It’s kind of like going to the theater (as in plays), you get dressed looking nice. Then you go pay an arm and a leg to enjoy the show…you know what though? I am sick of seeing stupid movies. I do not want to pay that much money for a movie that isn’t even good.

….that all made sense in my brain.

Oh and to the writer of this article. You never said what the China and UK theatres offered that made the experience more enjoyable.

Danny Von Kanel says:

Moving Going

One aspect that is left out of this article is that a large segment of the population is fed up with the trash that keeps coming out of Hollywood. Between the sex, profanity, and homosexual, lebian themes and characters, families have refused to go to such degrading movies.

Just consider why “The Passion of the Christ” done so well and you will understand why todays trashy movies are not worth watching at home … and especially at the movie theater.

Society would be better off if they all shut down.

dl says:

movies suck!

I remember having to wait a whole year after a movie was released to rent that movie at a video rental store. So I either had to see it now in the theater, or I had to wait a long time before I could rent or own it.
I don’t think that’s an excuse for the movie industry, especially since video games have many of the same problems, but they manage to turn out some excellent products periodically. And by the way comics today suck, too, but music has gotten better, in my opinion.

Anonymous Coward II says:

Yeah all of the Hollywood movies sucks now… They tend to have a great trailer. When you went to a cinema to watch, its not at all like the trailers promote it to be… How many time do you guys felt that you have been con by movie makers with their aggressive hypes? So screw the Hollywood movies and their theaters…

Anonymous Coward II says:

Yeah all of the Hollywood movies sucks now… They tend to have a great trailer. When you went to a cinema to watch, its not at all like the trailers promote it to be… How many time do you guys felt that you have been con by movie makers with their aggressive hypes? So screw the Hollywood movies and their theaters…

Anonymous Coward II says:

Yeah all of the Hollywood movies sucks now… They tend to have a great trailer. When you went to a cinema to watch, its not at all like the trailers promote it to be… How many time do you guys felt that you have been con by movie makers with their aggressive hypes? So screw the Hollywood movies and their theaters…

rotate says:

yup the movie theaters aree finished,they have done it to themselves i wouldnt wast my money going there it costs to much,people are rude there,the food is way over priced and the drinks arnt even filled to the top.i could go on but the best thing is i can sit at home and watch the movie without any hassles,i think they should just close them,technoligy has moved on but they havent,it was a good age when they were popular,same as arcades.
digital streaming or downloads are the future,sorry for the dvd rentasl shops,they havent moved with technoligy now thgey are facing the same thing.

mrx says:

movies are shit nowadays

people have stopped going to movies because they are all the same nothing but toilet humor. there food is way overpriced $9.00 for popcorn? what a joke.
i do not even buy movies there all crap especially comedy there the same joke over and over and they were never very funny jokes to start with i cant wait for hollywood to fail. people should stop wasting there money of this type of garbage and go out and get in shape were a fat ass nation here in america and going to the movies an feeding your face is not helping!

jamie says:

$12.50 for a movie?

Lets get one thing straight, if the price of a movie ticket were $6, I would go all the time, regardless of whether movies were good or not.

Actually, I miss going to the movies. I like to get out of the house, but I don’t like to spend a lot of money unless I can justify it. A $12 movie ticket equates to one hour at work and I just can’t justify the expense for something that will probably be an unpleasant experience when your bladder starts straining halfway through your $4 soda (can we please bring back intermission for long movies?). It’s cheaper and easier to rent movies and watch them at home where you don’t have to deal with the hassles of coordinating showtimes, other peoples’ kids and price gouging. Netflix has revolutionized the way we watch movies and the movie theaters have a lot of catching up to do.

And Hollywood, stop blaming illegal downloads for the decline in ticket sales. I think you know what the problem is, as enough people have expressed dissent. If college kids want to watch movies on their laptops, let them. Everyone else is using Netflix.

TrippNessa says:

Come out with some good movies instead of this cut and paste recycled garbage, sell out on theaters after it’s halfway full so that everyone can have space, get quieter wrappers I know it’s possible, don’t let babies in for the love of Christ, clean the theater better so it’s not so disgusting, no hats so us already-too-short-to-see-over-your-fat-head-as-it-is people like me have a chance to see the stupid screen, cut your prices on everything in half at LEAST, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: NO. COMMERCIALS. If theaters did these things, I’d probably start going back.

Robert says:

Movie Theater Goers on the Decline

I have a family of 5 and sometimes I bring in my sister’s two kids. The economy these days is a big factor on why so many Americans rather stay at home than going to the movies with the entire family. The cost of living only sees Up while Jobs are on the decline. Salaries stay the same or big companies are forced to make drastic cuts. Let’s not forget about the Old good American Tax which for every $1 we make we bring home 0.55 cents and that’s not including our daily expenses such as transportation, food, child care etc, etc. The Movie industry continues to increase their ticket prices, and forget about buying popcorn and soda. For a family of 5 you need to have in your wallet a least $200.00 because it’s not just the movie, it’s going out with the family and kids get hungry after the movie. The average working family can not even save $100.00 a week, so imagine going to the movies which is going to cost you $200.00 for one day. Sorry America but I rather stay at home, watch a movie on DVD and eat Microwave Popcorn.

richard (profile) says:

why movies are not worth watching nowadays

One of the reasons why movie theater experiences are going down the drain is because there ain’t anything out there to watch. The trailers dazzle them up, as soon as the movie comes out, you become disappointed from the whole experience. Also, two more things, no originality and new movies that have a large love/hate relationship amongst its viewers. Such as remakes and the Twilight movies. Twilight is good example of love/hate because all its fans show up on the first 3 to 4 days then it sales decline dramatically due to its fans got their taste of it and that’s it. Other than that, haters of the movie series go out of their way to destroy it and ruin the movies reputation. Remakes use to happen when the movies had at least a 30 to 40 year difference, nowadays there is at least 2 year difference in between movies.
I miss originality. I miss heroes and heroins being strong, daring, confident and not taking crap from anybody. Not whiny and weak not like nowaday characters.

Support our Complex Cinemas says:

No Subject Given

Have you stopped to think of the purpose that commercials serve? Would you rather have the movie start immediately and then have late come’rs interrupting and walking in front of the screen during the beginning?
Trailers to new movies?
Supporting/Advertising local/New businesses, these commercials are also potential sponsors of the film industry and without their money and support there may not be a future for Complex Cinemas.
Lets face it adverts don’t really run that long. Not to mention it gives you the chance to get comfortable, turn your phone off/on silent and that last minute pee opportunity before the movie starts.
Ticket prices have relatively remained the same, with regards to the candy bar I agree that the prices are high however this is how the cinema makes their money. You have to understand that like any business there are royalty, strata and licensing fees.
You either want the cinema experience or you don’t, its not for every one but you cant sit there and call it greed when they are trying to survive and uphold contracts and agreements.

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