AOL Sued For Showing Phone Call Info On The Screen

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We’ve already had our silly patent of the day, but how about our silly patent lawsuit of the day? This time, it’s about a company named Klausner Technologies — who, not surprisingly, appears to be yet another patent hoarding firm that doesn’t have any actual products on the market. They’re suing AOL for its VoIP offering. Part of AOL’s VoIP product is that it will display new call info on your computer screen — and somehow, Klausner received a patent on this idea. Again, though, it’s hard to see how this concept is patentable. Where’s the innovation? All the patent discusses is taking readily available information and displaying it.

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Comments on “AOL Sued For Showing Phone Call Info On The Screen”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Patent holding companies are almost admirable in the purity of their evil. They don’t actually do anything, and so they exist outside the ‘mutually assured destruction’ that holds the patent arsenals of companies like Microsoft and IBM in check. They simply threaten and collect, threaten and collect, and are immune from any consequences.

They can’t be stopped, they can’t be reasoned with! They will not stop until — Wait, that’s the Terminator.

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