Nokia Suddenly Seems Like A Big WiMax Supporter?

It really was just a year ago that Nokia dropped out of the WiMax Forum, saying that the technology was overhyped and they weren’t sure it was worth being involved. That lasted all of one month before something (cough Intel cough) apparently “convinced” Nokia to come back into the fold — leading to some speculation about the nature of that convincing… Well, now Nokia is saying that it will definitely be a major partner in creating mobile WiMax equipment (years from now, when there actually is a mobile WiMax) leading to some wondering whether Nokia is going to upset its mobile operator partners who are not particularly thrilled with the concept of WiMax. Of course, announcements are one thing, actual technology is another, so we’ll wait and see what really comes of this. However, from Nokia’s standpoint, it certainly doesn’t do much harm to hedge/expand by making equipment used by different types of wireless providers.

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