Wireless Gaming In Nevada Casinos

I’ve often heard the complaint from visitors to Vegas and other Nevada casinos that, “There just isn’t enough opportunity to gamble here!” But fear not, forsaken gambler, there’s hope ahead: Nevada has passed bill AB471 which will allow wireless gaming for the spaces between the existing gaming. The law, which Mike foreshadowed last week, will allow visitors of casinos with more than 100 machines to enter wagers, play games of chance, etc. from wireless devices linked to casino servers. You could play the sports book from the pool, or play poker from your breakfast table (at 2:00PM). We expect the systems to take advantage of WiFi technology and stored-value (or credit) accounts at the casino. The mobile devices will likely be PDA-like and also be used as “mobile concierges” for the casinos, delivering hospitality-type apps as well as games of chance. For example, you could book a bet on your favorite horse, then book a table at the top-floor restaurant, then buy show tickets all from your poolside cabana. No word on whether there’ll be a link to Gamblers Anon.

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