Will Apple Sue CNET Over Intel Chip Leak?

from the waiting-for-it...? dept

One of the points that many people have made against Apple in their lawsuits against various rumor sites is that Apple would never sue a more mainstream publication for publishing the same sort of rumor. So, here’s the test. On Friday, it was CNET’s News.com that broke the story that Apple was switching to Intel chips — which would be quite the “trade secret.” So, if Apple is really consistent, then shouldn’t they sue CNET, as Ernest Miller asks?

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Comments on “Will Apple Sue CNET Over Intel Chip Leak?”

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Pab says:

Apple's leak.

If friday’s rumor happens to be today’s news, I would think the leak was from Apple itself… First to create the buzz, arguably a success… Then to analyse the reactions and adapt the keynote… It is a sensible action for a delicate matter…

That would explain a lack of reaction from Apple against C/Net…

Sam (user link) says:

Did they invite it?

The case against the Mac rumor sites is strong because those sites posted notes asking for Apple employees to break their NDAs and contact them. If c|net received tips without targeting employees to break their NDAs, they’re probably completely in the clear.

So for the Mac rumor sites, there’s a pretty clear culpability. For c|net, Apple can sue for sources, but don’t have nearly as strong a case, as c|net doesn’t publicly beg for NDA violations.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

First, Ernest Miller is a twit. From the user comments:
Chris H on June 6, 2005 07:11 AM writes…
I think the difference is that C|Net might just be wrong. Remember, Apple was upset because the blogs posted very specific technical details, NOT rumours. The C|Net article is also vague. Will it be x86, PPC, or something else? The article is pretty low on technical detail and specs, which is a huge difference…
The other possibility is that Apple intentional leaked this rumour to build interest in WWDC (I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal; now I will be watching)

Chris W on June 6, 2005 07:23 AM writes…
I don’t want to be repetitive, so I suggest you consider what Chris H. has posted. if C|Net came out and said Intel will began producing x86 chips for the new 4.2Ghz Powerbooks, I imagine Apple would be all over them (justified or not). It seems as though you are stretching for a relation that doesn’t exist here.

Interesting you didn’t have an opinion on this- not your norm.

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