One Time Use Video Cameras Hitting The Market

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One time use film cameras were a huge boon to the photography market for many years. They became incredibly popular with people who didn’t want to buy a camera (or lug their bulky expensive cameras to certain places). They also allowed for new possibilities that weren’t easily realized before — such as the somewhat common practice at weddings to place a disposable camera on each table to get more photos of the wedding reception in progress. However, one company is now looking to take that process one step further with one-time use, disposable video cameras. As with the film cameras, these are somewhat limited. It records only about 20 minutes of footage. You can’t hook it up to the TV, and you can only review the last segment you shot on the camera itself. The device will run about $30, and then there’s another $13 fee to have the video processed to DVD. It’s definitely an intriguing idea — though, you have to wonder if cheap computer-connected web-cams and increasingly inexpensive mobile phones with video cameras will shrink the market for such disposable video cameras.

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