Israel Looking To Let Spam Recipients Sue Spammers

from the sue-away dept

One of the bigger issues with CAN SPAM was that only government officials could sue under CAN SPAM, possibly with the cooperation of ISPs. Individuals were unable to sue — unlike some state laws that had passed (and which CAN SPAM superseded). Over in Israel, however, they’re realizing that a similar, government-only, law has been ineffective, so they’re thinking about letting spam recipients sue spammers themselves, without having to prove any “damages.” This law would cover email, SMS and fax spam, though it sounds like there are some complaints with the bill, as currently structured. There’s also the big question about how people will actually track down the spammers. Still, it seems like this sort of law is more likely to worry at least some spammers… or just drive more of them to use sneaky tactics to hide their true identity.

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