Microsoft Forgets To Patch Korean Web Server, Hackers Swipe Passwords

from the that'll-teach-you... dept

If you thought that Microsoft needed a lesson in the difficulty they face getting everyone to patch their operating systems every time a new security hole is announced, they may have just received one. Apparently, some hackers broke into MSN’s site in Korea and installed a tracking program to record the data as anyone entered their user name and password. How did the hackers get in? Turns out the server wasn’t patched, and the hackers exploited a known hole in the operating system. Microsoft points out that they didn’t manage the server themselves as an excuse for this — but it should make it pretty clear that they may be a bit over-optimistic in expecting everyone to keep patching their own operating systems.

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Comments on “Microsoft Forgets To Patch Korean Web Server, Hackers Swipe Passwords”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Global evolution

Machines tend not to be patched well in Asia, so they tend to have more dramatic virus epidemics.

I was forwarded a spam message in Japanese, a basic “hi I’m lonely&horny” message, but somehow it sounded more personal and real in the other language.

We’ll see what new scams criminals will be invented in other parts of the world — new twists added.

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