Details Coming Out On Intel's DRM-On-Chip

from the it-won't-work dept

Andy Grove tried to coin his own law a couple weeks ago, declaring that “technology will always win.” Of course, he doesn’t explain who will win when technology goes up against technology. His former company may just find out. Stories started popping up last week that Intel’s latest Pentium chip was going to include some sort of secret DRM technology built into the chip. This has been talked about in the past, but now it appears to be coming true, with a few details spelled out by Intel’s VP of Technical Policy & Standards, who goes on and on about how important it is to protect content within a home network, and only throws in a nod to the entertainment industry at the very end by saying this: “enables greater consumer flexibility & use of premium entertainment content.” First off, can we please stop claiming that copy protection “enables greater consumer flexibility?” By its very definition, it does the opposite. It limits flexibility. Second, like any DRM technology, this one won’t work. People will figure out ways around it, and all of this content will still find its way to various file sharing networks just as quickly. So, it won’t actually stop any content from being shared. However, it will probably annoy plenty of legitimate users who can’t understand why the computer they bought won’t do what they want it to do. Since when did Intel think it was necessary to bow to the entertainment industry at the chip level?

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Comments on “Details Coming Out On Intel's DRM-On-Chip”

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TJ says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Would you site your reference please? I’ve been reading on this issue since last week, and while some people SPECULATE that AMD may eventually do the same, nothing close to confirmation was forthcoming.

AMD would have more at risk in integrating such a feature that will irritate some customers, since they don’t have an 800-pound gorilla like Dell to pump out whatever they make regardless of specifications.

I’ve been holding off on buying new PCs for home until the dual-core chips are shipping in quantity. The Pentium D looked like a decent price point, and had been my plan because of the announced pricing of the AMD chips. However, if the AMD solutions avoid this nonsense, at least initially, AMD will get my money for the first time.

randdickson says:

Ahhhh the Dell with this.

Problem with this is that DELL computer only uses INTEL chips ergo most people will be compelled to buy INTEL INSIDE.

Would love to see both INTEL and DELL be taken down a notch as both are a bit to monopolistic (is that a word) at this time. Geeks understand that the AMD chip is an option; generally a better one; but most consumer’s understand “I’m getting a Dell” … ignorance is an incredible force for evil.

Precision Blogger (user link) says:

MUCH worse than it looks

Given the basic insecurity of Microsoft products, here’s a scenario:
(1) “The DRM on a chip” goes into wide use, controlling people’s access to audio and video.
(2) A virus modifies the DRM logic, preventing all of its victims from accessing what they’ve bought.

Maybe that will lead to:
(3) The final overthrow of DRM.

Or maybe it will lead to:
(4) A million lawsuits against MSC for failing to prevent loss of acess to each person’s media. A class action suit will not be necessary, as there will be an incredible number of people able to claim losses in the thousands.
– PB

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