Industry Groups Get The Message: Won't Push For Phones On Planes

from the let's-take-this-slowly.... dept

Remember the study earlier this year about just how much people dislike the idea of being able to use mobile phones on planes? It appears that industry associations have recognized that this is becoming something of a “third rail” type of issue. So, while you’d expect groups representing both the consumer electronics industry and the mobile operators to be all in supporting yakking in the skies, both are now saying to take it slow. The CTIA is focusing more on worries about interference (an issue that some say has been solved…), but also mention the annoyance factor as an issue. Meanwhile, the CEA is saying that mobile data should be allowed, but not voice. Of course, then you get into problems about the definition of mobile data. If voice is data, how do you ban voice calls? You can’t ban talking on a plane — people do that all the time. What if you set up a Skype connection from an airplane, and just let someone listen to you talk to your seat mate? Where’s the boundary? Update: Oh yeah, don’t forget the feds. They don’t like phones on planes because, you know, terrorists might use them.

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