Should We Be Worried That Email Marketers Like CAN SPAM Changes?

from the why-do-they-get-to-decide? dept

My first reaction upon hearing that email marketers are happy about proposed changes to the CAN SPAM law was to assume that the changes must be bad. However, the details suggest the real story is that the changes are incredibly minor details, unlikely to change very much. About the only interesting this is that, if it goes forward, the law will include “forward to a friend” types of spam. Does this mean we’ll be able to throw clueless family members in jail? Probably not… Still, what might be most amusing is the quote at the end of the article that says: “Are users seeing less spam in their inboxes? Yes. Is less spam being sent? No. For the vast quantity of people — the end users — the law is working great.” Wait a second… if the same amount of spam is being sent, but users are seeing less spam, that would mean it has nothing to do with the law, whatsoever and everything to do with better filters.

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