AOL Decides Attracting More Customers Is A Bad Idea After All

from the what-the...? dept

Well that didn’t last long. Less than a month after AOL finally lowered its prices, Broadband Reports has noticed that AOL has quietly raised them back up. They had dropped their monthly rate to $20, now it appears it’s back up to $24. We’re still trying to make sense of this mind-boggling turnabout. Whatever the case, seems like we were wrong in assuming that AOL had seen the light. What were we thinking? This is AOL after all. Of course they hadn’t seen the light.

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Comments on “AOL Decides Attracting More Customers Is A Bad Idea After All”

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1 Comment
Dick Beldin says:

Personifying companies

Companies aren’t people. Their left hand really doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. We shouldn’t be surprized at any oxymoronic or self-contradictory stuff that goes on. After five o-clock, someone else answers the help desk phone and is very likely to answer differently from the guy who was there at nine this morning.

Why are we surprized at the fits and starts?

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