Spyware Company Reforms By Being Just As Nasty… But Admitting To It

from the not-quite-what-people-were-hoping-for... dept

Over the last few months we’ve had a number of stories about spyware/adware firm DirectRevenue, who has changed its name numerous times, been sued for sneaky install tactics and even been sued for removing a competing adware product from users’ computers. This is the same company that also admitted late last year that it had made some mistakes, and from here on out they were going to be about “transparency, transparency, transparency.” Well, now we know what that means. The company’s “reformed” solution is now making the rounds and is apparently angering a ton of people by slowing down computers and causing unwanted pop-ups. Doesn’t sound very reformed, does it? The big change? The software is branded. Now, when you open up the application, it now admits the software is from Direct Revenue, so you know who to blame. This isn’t quite the “transparency” people were expecting.

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