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Microsoft Gets Into The IP Propaganda Game

from the who-would-have-thunk-it? dept

Apparently it’s not just the MPAA who’s trying to brainwash school children with very one-side discussions on intellectual property issues. Microsoft is now getting into the game as well. According to today’s NTK, Microsoft is running a “contest” where teenagers are supposed to create a video about how “how intellectual property theft affects both individuals and society.” As NTK points out, reading through the fine print is fun, because the video can’t use any third party intellectual property (NTK wonders what happens if a piece of architecture is shown in the background…) and, if you win, Microsoft gets to take all your intellectual property. Meanwhile, over at Copyfight, they’re wondering what will happen if they make a video about the various intellectual property lawsuits that Microsoft has lost, where they’ve been found guilty of taking the intellectual property of others. Of course, an even more interesting video would be one that shows how Microsoft built up much of its dominant marketshare based on people passing around free copies of Microsoft software. Hell, even Bill Gates used to say he hoped people would “steal” Microsoft software, because they’d get hooked and have to buy legit versions later on. It certainly seems like letting free IP go can be (oh no!) a promotional item. So, why does Microsoft bias the entire content by only focusing on intellectual property sharing as “theft?” This is true, even though the Supreme Court has made it clear that intellectual property violations and theft are two different things. But, if you can get children to make your propaganda films for you… apparently intellectual dishonesty is okay.

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