Google Plays The Blame Game On Accelerator

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In the wake of questions about the buggy nature of Google’s Accelerator product, it appears that Google may be blaming web site publishers for the problem. Even if it’s true that the issue is only caused when a publisher sets things wrong, you should never base a product on the idea that everyone else has to act perfectly. Seems like an odd response from Google. Still, this is a beta product, so it’s likely that many of the issues will eventually get worked out. Meanwhile, a few more people are realizing what some of us pointed out initially: is surfing the web via a broadband connection really that slow? Yes, we all want more bandwidth, but it’s more for additional applications that the web accelerator has little to do with. For the most part, if you have a broadband connection, opening up web pages is pretty snappy.

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Comments on “Google Plays The Blame Game On Accelerator”

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data64 says:

Slow Broadband

is surfing the web via a broadband connection really that slow?

There are certainly a number of broadband offerings out there which would benifit from the solution. For example, have you ever tried any of the broad-band lite offering from the big providers in North America ? Also, out side of North America, especially in developing countries, what passes as broadband is shockingly slow. It is still much faster than dialup connection available there though, so it broadband but it does require something to speed it up. I saw this first hand when I visited India recently.

That being said, I don’t what Google’s target market is for this service.

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