How The Internet Has Changed The Bike Messenger Business

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While throwing away your life as a coder to become a bike messenger may sound appealing to some, it appears that “bike messenger” is yet another job that is less in demand thanks to the internet. This should surprise just about no one, but it’s another reminder that industries change over time — and, yet, unlike some industries, we don’t see bike messengers running to Congress to try to pass laws banning or taxing the shipment of content online.

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Comments on “How The Internet Has Changed The Bike Messenger Business”

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1 Comment
Matt (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Having been a bike messenger, and now living as a web designer I can truly state that the Internet will not change the way messenger’s do buisness. While many things can be sent through email that we would deliver, there are many items that still can not be delivered taht way.
Some of the runs I did were actually for companies just wanting an afternoon ‘snail mail’ pickup and delivery to the post office. Some things are just better done by a messenger than through email.

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