Old Maxim Blocked By The Great Firewall of China

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Michael Geist’s latest column summarizes his difficulties using the internet in China, noting that the well-known “Great Firewall of China” is at least somewhat effective in blocking many sites (especially news sites). That realization has him worried that increased internet censorship will start coming to other countries, such as his own, Canada — and that the old saying about how the internet “routes around censorship” may no longer be true.

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Comments on “Old Maxim Blocked By The Great Firewall of China”

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dorpus says:

Language Barrier

Firewall or not, there remains a vast obstacle known as the language barrier. News in different languages give completely different accounts of the same world events — we still live in a scary world of disinformation, including English. I’ve deduced that English language news often does not tell the whole story, because there are facts that English-speaking audiences don’t like to hear.

Anonymous Coward says:

Mesh Routing + WiMAX + pringles can + border house

I fear the same kind of censorship from my own government, especially since it’s regularly browbeatn by the giant next door in the Land of the Free Biggy-sizing.

However, I am marginally confident that hackers and gadgets will do wonders to limit the effectiveness of this kind of law, or, like the war on drugs, bankrupt their governments from enforcement.

I’m wondering what the range of a decent WiMax unit would be, and it that range can be extended in a point-to-point manner. With mesh routing, can we then work around any firewalls our governments set up? How to get inter-continental is a bigger question, but I’m not entirely unconvinced we can’t figure it out.

Yeah, because we’re smart guys, and we’d be awfully motivated. that’s the mother of invention right there, I think.

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