An Excerpt From Controversial Steve Jobs Bio

from the but-is-it-accurate? dept

In 2003 lots of people were watching as Steve Jobs and Michael Eisner discussed Pixar’s future with Disney, which eventually ended up nowhere. The San Jose Mercury News is running an excerpt from the new book iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business which explains how Eisner bet that Finding Nemo would flop, giving him the upper hand in negotiations. Instead, of course, it was a tremendous success, giving Jobs complete control over the negotiations, which allowed him to make impossible demands. Of course, this is the same book that has made Steve Jobs ban all books by that publisher in Apple stores — and has resulted in others raising questions about the author’s scholarship in preparing the book. So, even in a story that makes Jobs look good, it may pay to take it with a grain of “unauthorized” salt.

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Comments on “An Excerpt From Controversial Steve Jobs Bio”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

When compared to other distribution contracts the Disney-Pixar contract is obscene! For the early movies (Toy Story and Bug’s Life), this was ok because Disney was funding the movies but now the movies are completely funding by Pixar and Disney just has distribution rights.

Disney also wants to be able to manage the productions that Pixar works on. Like working on another sequel instead of original content. Read up on the Toy Story 2 issues Pixar had with the movie and you will see. Hell! Watch both and you can see why Pixar hates sequels. Given Disney’s track record Nemo would have never been made and Toy Story would have been at Sequel Number 5.

Do you doubt this? Count the number of sequels in Disney’s past hits. (Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, Little Mermaid, etc…)

Sure Steve Jobs can be a prick but he’s no different than most CEOs.

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