Soderbergh Lets Viewers Watch New Movies Where They Want

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Earlier this year, a Blockbuster representative suggested that a great way to cut down on movie piracy was to admit that not everyone wanted to go see a movie in the theater, and to just release movies on DVDs at the same time as in the theater — giving viewers a choice on how to watch new movies. While this was obviously a self-serving statement from a video rental company, it still does make some sense — which is probably why it seemed like it would never happen. However, it looks like there are some forward-thinking people around in Hollywood. Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh has done a deal with some of Mark Cuban’s companies (which explains some of this) to release six new films in theaters and on DVD at the same time. Soderbergh defended the decision by noting: “Economically, the film business in general is using a model that is outdated and, worse than that, inefficient. It’s worth finding out if this is going to work better for audiences.” What will be more interesting is if the industry recognizes that, if they want people to actually go out to the theater, they need to improve the movie-going experience.

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Comments on “Soderbergh Lets Viewers Watch New Movies Where They Want”

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TheFly (user link) says:

Here's an even crazier idea. . .

Taking that idea a step further, how about offering the DVD version of a movie at the concession of the theater that’s screening it?
Imagine, you’re walking out of a great movie tat you enjoyed so much, you want to take it home. You could. And, perhaps at a discount with your ticket stub from the screening.

the mad downloader says:


I for one will gladly rent movies from as new releases rather than download rips of them, if they become available.
I hate going to the movies, paying $12 and being robbed for food prices (and prohibited from bringing in your own), and then being forced to sit through THIRTY FRICKING MINUTES of commercials (well, I suppose you could plan to show up for every movie 30 minutes after the stated starting time, and have to sit away from your friends)! I vowed never to go again.. I prefer watching movies in my own home, where I can cuddle with my wife on the couch.
I’m sure the movie theatres won’t like the idea of DVD’s being released at the same time, because I’m certain I’m not the only one annoyed by the way theatres do things. They’ll just have to change their ways to stay competetive: less annoyances, and more perks.

marcelo toledo says:

watch movies where you want.

If this idea became a trend, I would cut off one of my arms in appreciation to whoever made it happen.My personal opinion is that aside from the “oscar nominated” flicks going to see a movie nowadays is full of people that talk, scream , use cells bring their baby , have knives,start fights, and if your really lucky bring their foreign mom or dad and translate the whole movie for them OUT LOUD!!!! this idea would be so awesome (picture it) blockbusters,same day ,your home ,your beer,your chips.I gotta go, im starting to cry …..out!

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