Amway To Tupperware To VoIP?

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If yesterday’s news that there are apparently 1,100 different VoIP providers worldwide didn’t get you thinking about the VoIP “bubble” situation, then perhaps this story talking about all of the people jumping into VoIP pyramid schemes will drive home the idea. I’ve heard of people being hassled by VoIP resellers, but apparently it’s a lucrative business for a few people. However, like most MLM schemes, it’s unlikely to last. With increasing competition coming from the big boys of telecom and the simple fact that MLMs are designed to fail because they give no real competitive advantage to anyone (and, in fact, expect you to recruit your own competitors), it’s unlikely these pyramid VoIP offerings will be around all that long.

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Comments on “Amway To Tupperware To VoIP?”

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dorpus says:

The Coca Cola Scam

Back around 2000, a pair of 10-year-old girls from Belgium reported feeling sick after drinking Coca Cola, so European media reported that “Coca Cola is killing European children”, and suddenly thousands of schoolchildren, housewives, and businessmen started becoming “seriously ill” after drinking Coca Cola. After it turned out that the girls were lying, the media quickly dropped the story.

Yeah, if someone starts the rumor that VoIP is really an NSA conspiracy, ….

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