Ad Agencies Scared Of Google

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After hearing Google’s announcement that they will provide advertisers with impression opportunities in addition to the current pay-per-click ads, ad agencies voice their fears over the move. The agencies statements range from the obvious, “the move is the latest attempt by the search engine giant to increase its revenues”, to unfounded backstabbing, “it’s in [google’s] interest to drive up prices”, to the simply honest, “We get frustrated”. Google has an opportunity to offer CPM advertisers the same ROI mechanisms that its CPC advertisers use to optimize their campaigns. By coupling CPM campaign tracking with user search behavior, Google may just be able to help its clients find the half of branding dollars that is fabled to be wasted. So, not only are agencies running scared at the promise of self-service access to brand spending, but they are also terrified at what Google’s ROI push could mean for the whole industry.

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