You Can't Resell A Book On eBay?

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Ina Steiner writes in with a somewhat confusing self-written article talking about how publishing firm Wiley has sued a student for trying to sell some Wiley books on eBay. The article could use a few more details however. The article makes the point that the student complied with the cease and desist and apparently took all the right steps in responding — but that Wiley is either not responding to him directly or threatening him with a lawsuit, which has now apparently started, despite the student not receiving any information about that lawsuit. However, a bunch of things in the article aren’t clear at all. Were the books fake? People are accused of selling counterfeit CDs, software and movies online all the time — but books seem a lot rarer. If he was just reselling a book that he legally purchased, then what’s the problem? Also, other aspects — including the refusal to speak by phone — make this story seem quite odd, and in need of a much better description of what has actually happened. Update: Aha, the details come out. These were apparently e-books. Seems like that would have been useful info to include in the article.

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