Has DVD Copy Protection Been Outlawed In France?

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A year and a half ago a French court decided that a woman who bought a copy protected CD has bought a defective product that needed to be replaced by the record label. However, the court made it clear that it only applied in that one case. However, a nearly identical case having to do with DVDs seems to have resulted in a more widespread ban on copy protection for DVDs (as found on Boing Boing). Remember, France is also the same country that recently suggested that downloading unauthorized content for personal consumption was probably legal too — while musicians are asking the industry to stop suing fans for sharing music. Of course, France is also the place where you can get thrown in jail for publishing a security warning or linking to illegal content (not hosting it yourself). It’s also the same country that seems to misunderstand the point of trademark law — so it’s not like they’re a perfect nation when it comes to understanding the nature of content these days.

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