Found: Killer App For Mobile TV

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A couple of months ago we wrote about how we just couldn’t understand why there are so many efforts to develop mobile TV when a compelling use case hasn’t been found. Well, looks like we spoke too soon. Apparently “leading entertainment executives” believe that babies will be clamoring for mobile TV as a 21st century replacement for the rattle. Kids are given rattles because they chew on, throw, pound, and break things. Rattles are cheap. While the age at which kids get their first phone keeps getting younger, will that many parents actually try to pacify a screaming baby by handing him an expensive, breakable, video-enabled cell phone? As we’ve noted before, mobile video is unlikely to catch on if no specific, realistic need exists. But of course entertainment execs, who see everything as a platform for their content, won’t pass up a chance to try to hook the next generation of viewers.

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Comments on “Found: Killer App For Mobile TV”

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1 Comment
TJ says:

Bizarre but who knows

It seems like a ridiculous idea from the durability standpoint. However, friends who just had a baby make me wonder if it would take off. They aren’t rich, they’re still in college actually. Still, the amount of cash spent by them and the grandparents on ridiciously silly things for the baby is amazing. If parents will spoil twelve years-olds with expensive cell phone / SMS plans, why wouldn’t they blow that money on an infant?

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