Canadians To Get WLNP

WLNP is here to stay in the US, and people seem to love it. We aren’t tied to the carrier for a term any longer than our service contracts, which is a fair arrangement. By September of this year, Canadian mobile and fixed line subscribers will get a taste of freedom when LNP is introduced in Canada. While in the US, this had an big impact as lots of customers moved away from the lesser carriers to those with better service. In Canada, there are three carriers with fairly equal scale and quality, Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility, and Rogers. The total effect of Canadian LNP will thus likely be more sedate (and polite) than the US event. Canadian Mike Myers, as Austin Powers, said what freedom was all about was making choices, and taking responsibility. The good news is subscribers can make the choices, and the carriers need to take responsibility for the value they offer. Groovy.

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