Would You Believe Content Execs Think Content Is Crucial Online?

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Lots of folks are talking about some throwaway comments from an NBC exec on a panel discussion about getting various on-air personalities to start blogging, but what was more interesting was the setup of the panel itself. The panel claims to be about the future of online content. However, the panelists were all from broadcast media companies. So was it any surprise at all that they believed broadcast-style content was the future of online content? The internet is, first and foremost, a communications platform, not a content one. It’s not about broadcast content, but about user-generated content designed for the purpose of communicating. So, shouldn’t a panel about “online content” at least include some people who are actually from the world of online communications, rather than pulling a bunch of guys from a different medium to talk about how they see online content progressing?

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Comments on “Would You Believe Content Execs Think Content Is Crucial Online?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Isn't it interesting...

I’m a “social media” guy? I hadn’t realized… (and, I’d actually disagree, but that’s a different point). Either way, though, if you honestly believe the internet is a broadcast medium, where are the apps that show that? So far, just about every successful internet app has been about communications. That seems pretty clear.

Of course, that wasn’t my point anyway. The point was that the panel was all broadcast media guys talking about the future of a different medium. Shouldn’t they have at least included some folks who weren’t broadcasters?

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