Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

from the enjoys-long-walks-on-the-beach dept

Frustrated with the shortcomings of the offline and online dating world, more people are now turning towards an old fashioned way to find their soulmates, matchmakers. Paying thousands of dollars for the personalized matchmaking service, singles seek out the help and advice of these matchmakers, traditionally sought out by the parents of elgible children. It’s interesting to see that with all of the recent growth of online dating, that traditional services like these are also getting a bump. It seems to make sense — I’ve heard anecdotally that with online dating, your dating quantity goes up, but the number of quality matches stays about the same as the offline world. Online dating becomes a lot more time consuming than one is usually prepared for — hence, the need for a personalized matchmaking service. Perhaps this is an opportunity for the online services: instead of the current self-service free for all, offer value-added “date matching” services. If that doesn’t work, try rent-a-wingman.

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