Rugby Players Can't Handle Internet Scrum

from the a-bit-thin-skinned dept

Brad writes in with a link to a story in Australia showing that folks involved with the Rugby world there are having a bit of trouble coming to terms with this internet thing where anyone can say anything. Not surprisingly, people in various online chat boards have been posting “mean” things and random rumors. It appears the rugby players and coaches are so thin-skinned that they haven’t figured out how to ignore these rumors, but feel the need to come out and deny the rumors (lending them a lot more credibility than they deserve) and also to slam the entire internet in the process, even saying that the internet is a problem for the game of Rugby: “We’ve been inundated by it. There are rebel websites where people write whatever c**p they feel like and not put their name on it. It’s disgusting,” claimed one coach, followed by another club exec who said: “I think it is a problem for the game.”

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Comments on “Rugby Players Can't Handle Internet Scrum”

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dorpus says:

Not used to it

People who work physical, in-your-face jobs are used to the way people talk in the physical world. I’ve been on forums for nurses before, and noticed that their argumentation skills suck. They’re not used to the net world where people can get away with saying anything, having comeback lines for everything.

dumbus says:

Re: Re: Not used to it

Just wait. Mike will post something about Asian markets or a new technology study and dorpus will be right as rain. It’s a little weird that I can now guess to an almost 90% accuracy which posts dorpus will make some asinine comment on. Cultural study you say? Almost certain that dorpus will post some bigoted comment right under the entry.

Do us a favor dorpus and drop dead.

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