Now It's Time To Blame The Record Labels For Screwing Up Mobile Music

from the no-surprise-there dept

It was just last night that we were saying that the mobile phone operators were going to screw up the mobile music market with their greed… though we also noted that the recording industry was just as bad, and that the two of them together, guaranteed a disaster. As if on cue, comes along to confirm this, with a story about how the record labels are pissed off at Steve Jobs because he won’t let them raise prices or force people to buy a bad song to get a good song. Instead, of course, they want to work with the mobile carriers, “The (wireless) carriers’ economics are aligned with us much better than Apple is aligned with us.” By which the anonymous executive means they’re both incredibly greedy and willing to sacrifice long term viability for short term profits. This is like watching a massive train wreck in incredibly slow motion. Update: Ah, silly labels. Matt Maier has an interview with a record exec showing just how clueless he is about the mobile music market.

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