Technology Has Made Geography Fun Again

from the geography-bee-here-i-come dept

Google Maps’ integration of satellite imagery is now wasting thousands of hours of office productivity. People are spending hours Google sightseeing, memory mapping, and discovering that the satellite images hold many delights that we’ve never realized existed before. Planes mid-flight, love letters carved into cornfields, and even a crowd gathered at a Sunday football game make for some spectacular images. Satellite imagery has been around for years, so why is Google Maps that revolutionary? It’s simple, Google Map’s AJAX interface is dramatically easier and more fun to use than the page-event interfaces that preceded it. As tools and interfaces continue to evolve, people begin to discover all sorts of magical things that have been there all along. With games like geosense, photographing all of our neighborhoods, and geocaching growing in popularity, geography hasn’t been this fun since Carmen Sandiego stole the Eiffel Tower.

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