Gizmondo's Solution Against The PSP: Bombard You With Ads

from the tough-decisions... dept

With Sony’s launch of the PSP and all those other gaming handhelds, the folks with the Gizmondo (who still have naming issues to work on), announced last year that they were going to compete by inundating people with ads to subsidize the device. Of course, the other gaming devices subsidize the devices by selling games. However, with Gizmondo’s difficulty in attracting game developers, it looks like they’re sticking with the ad-supported idea. Unfortunately, though, those advertisers don’t seem willing to subsidize the whole device, because Gizmondo has introduced their ad-subsidy plan and it just knocks off £100 from the already expensive price. So, basically, you now have a less compelling device, with fewer games, high prices… and advertisements. Seems like a tricky selling proposition.

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Comments on “Gizmondo's Solution Against The PSP: Bombard You With Ads”

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simon says:

Re: ?100 off - a false econony?

spot the people who’ve done no research what so ever. By inundated you must mean the 90 seconds of adverts each day. geez thats just going to steal away your lifetime. There are no associated GPRS costs with the smart-adds scheme. The adverts are sent like MMS messages which cost the sender not the receiver.

EA, Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft, SCI, large first party development team ( formerly Warthog studios ) and buena vista. These are just the ones that are confirmed.

Perhaps look a little deeper next time before writing a baseless, half hearted attempt to vent your clearly, very closed mind.

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