When Everything Is Computerized… Everything Needs Tech Support

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It’s no secret that more and more stuff around us every day is getting computerized, but how that’s going to impact our everyday lives doesn’t always get that much attention. One of the more interesting elements of an increasingly high tech society is that we’re going to need a lot more tech support — and it’s not going to be acceptable to wait 45 minutes on hold (with crappy hold music) to talk to someone overseas who doesn’t understand the problem and can’t do anything to help. Business Week is talking about the old Maytag repair guy, and how appliances are going high tech in a big way. Of course, the old Maytag repair guy isn’t going to be able to fix your washing machine when its software crashes — and with our changing views on quality, you can be pretty sure that today’s washing machines won’t last as long as the ones you bought a few decades ago. So is it any surprise that tech companies are gearing up to get into spaces that might seem a little out of place for them? IBM announced today an automotive diagnostics solution to help deal with increasingly computerized cars. What IBM has realized is that, increasingly, cars are computers — and if they’re 100% focused on being in the IT services business, they need to go where computers are going. So, perhaps it’s only a matter of time before you end up calling IBM to come service your washing machine as well. Actually, hopefully, the washing machine will do the calling itself.

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Comments on “When Everything Is Computerized… Everything Needs Tech Support”

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1 Comment
Dahvid says:

re: When Everything Is Computerized... Everything

Here’s my 2 cents on this, because as an unemployed telecom technician, that’s all I’ve got. This article is encouraging, however, my cynicical mind has some nagging doubts.
There are and have been diagnostic analyzers for automobiles, and replacing a microprocessor or sensing unit does not require a programmer or an “IT Specialist”. An automobile mechanic can snap in a new microprocessor or sensor. IBM’s move to provide an automotive diagnostics solution is not a new idea. There has been a SUN system around for decades.
The same is true for a washing machine. A mechanic could easily swap the FRU (field replaceable unit). Even if they don’t last as long anymore, the price of new units might decrease such as it has been for computers, that it would be cheaper to replace the entire unit.
It is creepy though to think about big brother getting into the automobile and controlling, monitoring, eh?
Hopefully the author of the article is correct about the decline of outsourcing tech jobs overseas. However, I would not bet my career future on it.
The premise that “when everything is cmputerized…everything needs tech support” belies the harsh reality that the “tech support” might not require any great skills or training, a mc-job in a manner of speaking.

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