Have People Lost A Fighting Spirit Against Spam Or Is Pew Faking The Data Again?

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According to the folks at Pew (who are suffering from a credibility hit these days), people are growing accustomed to spam. It still annoys people to no end, but it’s just become so common that people have given up thinking about it or fighting against it, and just think of it as an annoying fact of life, like traffic. Of course, it’s not really clear that the data actually says this. Basically, this conclusion appears to be driven by two stats: (1) people trust email less but (2) they’re not reading less email — sort of. The study actually says 22% of people say they are spending less time on email because of spam, which is down from 29% the year before. However, it’s a bit of a stretch to conclude from this one data point that people are resigned to spam. It could mean that email simply has become more important in other aspects. Or, it could mean that most of the people who were really annoyed by spam decreased their email usage last year instead of this year. The problem with the data is that you can’t really compare the rate of change this year to last year, because (obviously) they’re starting from a different position. Most importantly, this could just be an indication that spam filters have become more effective. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that many people have become resigned to spam — but the data shown here doesn’t actually seem to prove that at all.

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Comments on “Have People Lost A Fighting Spirit Against Spam Or Is Pew Faking The Data Again?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Quit bitching

How damn hard is it to hit the delete key ?

I consider billboards spam too, but I don’t bitch & whine about them endlessly.

Spam is mainly the fault of the receiver.
You’ve obviously posted your email address all over the damn web, responded to every post, Fwd on every friggin joke & are the fault of your own problem.

I get VERY little spam, ( maybe 2 pieces a day ) and I don’t really have a huge problem hitting delete twice.

BTW, I’ve been on the internet since 1996 with the SAME screen name all along …

Brian says:

No Subject Given

I didn’t read the study, but the notion that people are getting used to spam is credible. I believe it’s absolutely true. Filters have gotten pretty good – Yahoo mail filters out almost 100% of the 200+ spam messages I get per day. For the rest, hitting delete is just not that hard. People are getting used to it, it’s not the big deal that it used to be.

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