iPods Not So Useful For Psych 101 Afterall

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Duke made quite a PR splash last fall with its decision to outfit all incoming freshmen with a brand new iPod. If the free iPod was a factor for any of the incoming freshmen this year, they’ll be sad to hear that Duke is restricting the free iPods to freshmen enrolled in iPod-enabled classes. Though it seems like a good reason to take “Intensive Intermediate Turkish Language & Culture” Duke’s decision makes sense. There are better ways to invest in campus innovation. After all, it’s not really a free iPod since everyone is paying tuition, but rather, it’s more like a requirement that every freshman at Duke purchase an iPod. So, Duke freshmen, be happy that you now have the freedom to choose more useful players like the Shuffle (which doubles as a handy flash drive to save your term papers) or the PSP (so you can play games during class). If you still really want a free iPod, there are plenty of marketing schemes willing to give you one.

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