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TiVo, Comcast Replace Stale Ignored Ads With Fresh Ignored Ads

from the out-with-the-old dept

In the cat-and-mouse game of getting DVR owners to watch ads, you have to hand it TiVo and friends on one score: they’re not afraid to try new things. You may recall from a couple years ago the sweepstakes gimmick tied to Lexus ads, and more recently they’ve been testing a program that will put pop-up ads in your fast-forwarded ads. The latest twist is a joint development by TiVo and Comcast that will update your DVR’s recordings with newer, more targeted ads. What’s interesting here is not necessarily the impact on viewers — negligible, at best, despite the inevitable protests of privacy advocates — but rather TV’s possible transformation to more Internet-like advertising concepts such as relevancy. More power to them, if they can pull it off.

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